"Baby's got the Blues...

...Day after day, after day" (from an old Randy Stonehill song)

Down that wintry slippery slope:

1.I find myself on the computer all day long doing nothing but reading blogs and e-mail
2. A strong desire to own some sweat pants (multiple pairs) and wear nothing but those or p.j.-esque outfits all day every day. Plotting to purchase some. Why don't I own any sweats? Well, I'm skinnier than I was last winter and I got rid of the clothes that were too big for me.
3. Difficulty focusing on domestic chores
4. Nowhere to go, carless, nothing to do but stay at home and be here.
5. Find myself mentally checked out. Somehow my kids are managing to get their daily lessons done in spite of me.
6. Everything I do takes an effort of volition, feels like climbing a mountain.
7. I want to eat everything.

Ways to combat it:

1. Hair and makeup every day.
2. Exercize: get out, go waking, do pilates...do somehting.
3. Force self to keep house tidy and laundry done.
4. Prayers
5. When that despair hits my gut here's my new rule: Clean something, fold something or put something away.
6. Write down what you eat and count calories.
7. Give thanks to God for He is good, His love endures forever.

It's that time of year again. I'm sorry when my blogging gets whiney and pathetic. I've had enough stress, at least for me. I know I don't suffer all that much in my life, I know there are persons in much worse shape physically, financially, mentally, all of it. So, I say a prayer for them.

But this battle is hard, nonetheless.


Laura said…
I saw a cozy looking sweat suit at Costco the other day and wished I owned it. I can relate...been really on edge lately for some reason.

Your "strategies" for lack of a better term are wonderful. I'll keep you in prayer.
DebD said…
I can relate too. Winter blahs are hitting me too. I'd stay home all day everyday. My kids's schedule is what keeps me up and going.

I like your "combat #5". Its a very good idea.
Mimi said…
I've also been a bit on the edge. Hugs and prayers, and I like your list a lot. It is good to get up and doing stuff, even when the comfy clothes and the couch are calling.

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