Friday, December 29, 2006

2006: A Random Overview

fight for morning prayers
counting calories
testing the limits of body and soul
anaphylactic reaction to peanuts
wearing black on Great and Holy Friday
incense in my scarf
just breathing
loading the dishwasher praying the Jesus Prayer
housework without anger
unused epi-pen in my purse
saying goodbye to a priest
saying hello to a priest
watching a friendship die
trying to be a better daughter
officially Asperger's Syndrome
"wasting" my life on the mystical
bought a cane
U-Boot 505
a sinner and the sacrament of repentance
walking on good days
reading good books
reading silly books
silk wedding dress
plans for a baptismal gown made from the scraps
recycling wool
a good Christmas
happy birthdays
home school
lost at the zoo
museum by wheelchair
camping in Kentucky
he job hunts, I pray
writing new songs
open mic night!
a new niece is born
intentional quiet
farmer's market and my guitar
20 pounds down
food allergies
Sunday School storyteller
perfect sour milk biscuits
wasted love
published poem
organic beef and kosher hot dogs
the odd family
Akathist to Jesus, Light to Those in Darkness
St. John the Wonderworker
happy marriage
seeking simplicity
balloon hover craft
spelling lists
Summer at the pool
Heimlich maneuver
"the least of these" in the parking lot
pannera bread drop off
prayers for the inner city
isolated in North Lexington
Third Street Coffee
on and off caffeine
fibromyalgia cycles
late thirties looming
growing kids
sockmonk is the best
Eureka "Barefoot Sally" Pizza
dying to self


DebD said...

What a lovely idea. I may have to try this myself.

some of these have me intriqued.

Anonymous said...
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