Friday, November 17, 2006

These Days

Just nothing much to write about that's blog worthy. No big thoughts. Just lots of quiet and snuggly blankets while fall pelts against the windows and I sit a crochet, or talk to my kids.

They grow so fast. My eldest is proving as adept at hand crafts as I am, and has fashioned a clever and lovely pair of mittens with some yarn and a crochet hook. I've been crocheting lately, too, like I mentioned.

My current project: Inspired by a century old pattern, and with finely spun recycled wool yarn ($2.50 sweater from the thrift store unraveled. A GREAT way to get cheap yarn in natural fibers!) of a soft fawn color I am making a shawl. Irish crochet crackle stitch with roses and rose leaf motifs.

How To: What I do is make the edging, then baste that to a piece of fabric or pattern paper ( plan on using a sheet, it won't come to any harm in the process). Then I baste the motifs where I want them, then connect them all with irregular chains and picots. When all is done I take the basting out, and do my blocking (Hand wash the piece and pin the edges onto a board to shape it as it dries) and the piece will be done. Not a single thing is technically too difficult about this. I can do each element. I've just never done a crochet project of this scope before. But I'm doing it. I promise to post a picture when it's done. Perhaps some when I've at least got the motifs and edging basted to the base...right now a progress shot is useless since all it would be is a ziploc baggie full of roses and a bundle of crocheted picot lace edging.

I am trying to still and quiet my soul these days. I'm thinking that there is so much of vanity in me. So much of that which wants to impress people or "be somebody", or say the right things on this blog or when I'm talking with people and that needs to die.

Contemplating what I listened to the other day: "The Word of the Cross" CD Lecture by Fr. Thomas Hopko. Good stuff, that.

Giving the kids the day off from Home-school today, since I was up in the middle of the night as the stomach bug that's going around started manifesting itself in my body at 4 am. Oh, joy!


Mimi said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon.

The shawl sounds gorgeous. And, best wishes as you calm and quiet your soul.

Amy said...

Hope you are feeling better now. I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of the shawl. Unraveling an old sweater. That is a great idea!