Should I stay or should I go?????

I got the flu. The gut clenching, 101.5 fever (which is more like 102.5 for me, since I tend to have a low body temperature), will-myself-not-to-vomit, black tea 'n toast kind of flu.

And according to multiple friends and accquaintances who have/had it, it's a doozy that won't just go away in a day or two.

The pediatric version seems to be limited to dia...I can't ever spell that word...and/or vomiting with no fever. The adult version seems to be what I have. So all the kids had their diawhatever last week and seem to be over it. No one slowed down in the least whilst affected.

I thought I had a quickie version because last Friday I woke up with bad nausea and all that goes with it, but as the day wore on, I was better. So my weekend was normal. Then yesterday at the crack, there is was again. This time with a vengeance and a fever.

Problem is, my sister is having her baby today and I was supposed to Doula! Waaaah. No question. I'm not going anywhere NEAR them with this bug. So, that's a big diappointment.

The other thing is, we are supposed to travel to Chicago for Thanksgiving. Do I stay or do I go? I have no turkey (well, does ground turkey count?) in the house, etc. This morning I got up and fetched some Ricotta cheese from Kroger so I can make that Sugar Free Pumpkin Cheesecake I've been planning on making and taking with me. It takes like two hours of baking and three hours of cooling in the oven and then MORE time in the refrigerator before it can be served. I was going to make it yesterday but discovered my ricotta was moldy. Bad news. And then dh forgot to get me the cheese last night. Oh, well. So in my pj's this morning I went out, and the trip to the store was enough to convince me that I'm not well yet.

Do I stay or do I go? I hate disappointing my sister-in-law. I'm thinking of sending my family and staying home alone.

What would YOU do?????


Laura said…
When do you have to leave...if you don't have to leave until tomorrow then I would defer judgement until the morning and see how you're feeling. But, if you're leaving today it sounds like maybe you should stay home. I don't know how long the trip to Chicago would be, but riding in a car with a stomach virus and a high fever does not sound like a good idea!
Carmen said…
Stay home. Get together for Christmas, or New Years, or middle of winter whatever.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'm so sorry! Really sorry that you will not be able to help your sister.

I'd stay and send the family...seems like you would be miserable physically, and run the risk of passing the bug to your s-i-l's family as well.

BumMER. Thinking of you.
Anita said…
Stay home and send the family. You need the rest. Happy Thanksgiving!
DebD said…
BTDT - more than once :( One time I was hosting and we had to hurridly move dinner to my SIL's - she was a gem.

Anyway, give the family a heads up and wait until tomorrow to decide. Stay home if you are still sick. Sorry about the preparations - that is no fun.


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