His name is Nick!

And he's been living naked in my sewing cabinet for quite some time now. I made him last spring, I think. Today he got an outfit, and will be coming to Chicago with us, and gifted to my nephew, who is turning two. Young enough for a "boy doll" I think. Timely, since he'll be a big brother next summer.

The coveralls are from old shirt scraps of my husband's.

And yes, the consensus of the relatives is that I should bring the germs with me to Thanksgiving...so I will. No fever this morning, but after lunch my temp started climbing again. Now that Nick's outfit is finished, I think I'll go take a nap.

Oh, and my pumpkin cheesecake is BEEE-U-TEE-FUL!


Mimi said…
He's adorable, and YUM!
Philippa said…
Awesome for both!
Anonymous said…
Naked in your sewing cabinet? What kind of woman are you??? ;-) Actually I've just made a mermaid pin in poly clay for a well-endowed friend and someone has pointed out to me that on a 1:12 scale the mermaid has bigger boobs than her owner...

The pie looks good. Being British I have never had pumpkin pie. The only pumpkins we get are nasty inedible ones for kids to make jack o'lanterns. I always envy Americans in squash season.

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