First Snow

A runty Kentucky snow, but oh how the kids are excited! It will probably be done by noon, but nonetheless they are some giddy kids.

I've already been reprimanded for not having hot cocoa mix on hand.

And THIS fascinates me:

""Treeologist" L. H. "Dick" Frymire of Irvington in Breckingridge County using a handed down, top secret formula, has studied the leaves, bark and interior readings of his Japanese maple weather tree, along with decades of weather data, in compiling his day-to-day snow predictions for the Ohio Valley and parts of the Mississippi Valley, give or take two days depending on your location:" has predicted "tracking snow" for November 19th. Today is November 20th. This prediction was published in September, I think. I printed it off of the local Library website from an article posted there.

Interesting. Very very interesting!


Mimi said…
Oooh, that is fascinating.

Enjoy the new snow.
Lauren S. said…
I'm so jealous of your weather! I'm mad at my weather right now, a couple days away from Thanksgiving, and it's 90 outside.
Enjoy your day!

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