Starbuck's Virgin

I'm a Starbuck's virgin...never had it. And if I can help it, I never will. It's not that I'm intrinsically opposed to Starbucks, or that I think Starbuck's is somehow evil, or anything like that. I've read good things about the company, and how they treat their employees and how the employees are trained to treat customers.

I'm a Starbuck's virgin just because I can be, because I want to be....just because, I guess. I've never drank any of their grocery store products, either. Just because I can be. I have enough addictions and passions in this life without adding another.

And there is a delightful, locally owned, unique coffee shop in my neighborhood called Third Street Coffee, where a large decaf comes with free refills and funky back ground music. They make a mean sugar free mocha as well. A good place for some quiet non-conversation, or to meet friends. And they have a very nice menu. A good place for the impromptu date night with the husband. A good place for those who need wireless internet access. A good place to meet up with friends.

It's down on Third Street and Limestone. Two thumbs up.


Meg said…
I had one once. IMNSHO, you're not missing anything. Sorry, Mimi.
pravoslavna said…
Good for you! My Mom got me hung up on Blackberry Green tea Frappaccinos, they have like 700 calories, definetly not good for you but yummy. I am lucky that our church business is the Agia Sophia Coffee Shop, except I keep buying books when I go in, though I love it! It is a blessing to have a favorite coffee shop, God is good!

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