In which she becomes a wallflower

I fell in love with the idea of contra dancing when I danced at Joy and Josh's wedding in July. I had so much fun.

In August Dh and I had a date to go out dancing but my rib was out of joint and my back generally out of whack so we stayed home.

Tonight was the night. We went. I only was able to dance the first, sit out the second, and then on the third I got pretty dizzy, and by the fourth I had to bail, several minutes into the dance I went staggering towards the nearest wall and just clung to it for a few minutes. I got so dizzy and nauseous that I just about threw up. Dh had fun, though. Everyone else danced for hours. Sigh. Some of the experienced dancers were a true pleasure to watch.

Next time there's open band night, I'm bringing my guitar.


Laura said…
Man...I'm sorry you ended up feeling lousy! But bringing your guitar next time sounds like a capital idea!
DollyMama said…
I was wondering how that was going. I think I have convinced my small group to head out for contra dancing some night. You will have to send me the details.

Sorry you are not feeling well. :(

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