Saturday, September 16, 2006

Call it like you see it....

Paragraph two is particularly "funny":

"Firebombings left black scorch marks on the walls and windows of Nablus' Anglican and Greek Orthodox churches. At least five firebombs hit the Anglican church and its door was later set ablaze. Smoke billowed from the church as firefighters put out the flames

In a phone call to The Associated Press, a group calling itself the "Lions of Monotheism" claimed responsibility for those attacks, saying they were carried out to protest the Pope's remarks in a speech this week in Germany linking Islam and violence.

Later Saturday, four masked gunmen doused the main doors of Nablus' Roman and Greek Catholic churches with lighter fluid, then set them afire. They also opened fire on the buildings, striking both with bullets.

In Gaza City, militants opened fire from a car at a Greek Orthodox church, striking the facade. A policeman at the scene said he saw a car armed men inside flee the scene. Explosive devices were set off at the same Gaza church on Friday, causing minor damage. "


Luz said...

I rather like paragraph two myself *grins*


Karen said...

I can't think how one could possibly associate Islam with violence, can you??? Sheesh.

DebD said...

Ahh the irony! How rude of the Pope to think that Islam would use violence.

I guess Rosie O is right - those radical Christians are such a danger to society.


Mimi said...

Lord have Mercy.