This one's not a joke!

I rediscovered a really cool website this morning:

It is full of plain down-home good sense/cents, money saving menus and lookit, folks, the $45.00 menu (complete pantry for a family of 4, family of six modifications brings it up to a whopping $51.00) looks remarkably (almost) lenten. I'll fess up and admit that it's more lenten than anything ever seen around here, that's for sure.

Now, I'm wondering how this would modify for health issues, etc. but I'm thinking it's time to have another stab at eating legumes. As time goes by, my hypoglycemia is improving along with the general improvements in my fibro and much that at one time I attributed to hypoglycemia MIGHT have been reactions to peanuts (might, maybe, some not all). I just have to experiment and find out...perhaps the hard way.

Anyways, anyone interested in seriously cheap eats, I recommend this site. Not only does she provide menu plans, but also shopping lists, and daily food prep chores (what to do when) to keep the kitchen fires humming. Scratch cooking does take some advance planning, but not as much workywork as one might guess.

This morning I got up and made coffee cake. Only half the family ate it, though. and that's the REAL TRICK with any menu, now isn't it?


Elizabeth said…
What a great site ! Thanks for sharing !
I have bookmarked it and intend to print out a load of recipes :-)
Mimi said…
Oooh, I'm off to look...thanks!
Lauren S. said…
I've always thought of making things from scratch in an economical sense as a lost art. I'm glad to see this site. Too bad many of the poor working families don't have internet. Can you imagine what a difference that some knowledge like this can make in a truly poor working family? I cringe every time I go to the store and see the majority of poor women with kids buying tons of convenience food low in nutrition and high in price, along with some other staples they buy with food stamps or WIC coupons.

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