Salvation at my Sewing Machine

Seems I just can't get away from having sewing projects to do.

Someone asked me today if I could custom sew some clothes for an elderly person who has a hard time finding comfortable gowns that fit her narrow shoulders.

And it seems I"ll be teaching a couple of girls, who have a penchant(or at least a yen) for fashion design how to sew this fall...the opportunities just fell in my lap. One of the moms is bartering piano lessons for sewing lessons. That sounds grand to me. Another contacted me today. Serendipity.

Today I got out an old piece of machine embroidery I've had unfinished forever, and ripped out some parts I did not like and did a re-do. It's a 29"x15" panel with roses sketched on it in zig zag stitch, edged in wine red. And I am thinking of adding the words: Rejoice O Virgin Theotokos...etc. around the edges but am wondering if this would sort of be tacky. My own personal "velvet elvis" if you will.

I think I'll leave the words off. They look like they are trying too hard. Once I"ve got it done I'll post a picture.

The good thing about working with my hands, of course, is that it lends itself to prayer, unlike blogging which does not.

I've been stuck at home all week. Sick kid. Tomorrow I take her to the doctor. I"m going stir crazy.


Meg said…
Sick kids and prayer at your needlework. Sounds like your spiritual life is progressing very nicely. ;-)
Tamara said…
I told you it's there!
Mimi said…
Thanks be to God, great news.
Karen said…
How wonderful... I've actually been wanting to learn how to sew myself. I'd love to get good enough to make pretty dresses. :-)

I hope your little one feels better. I have a nice little cold myself, and feel yucky.
Anonymous said…

Sewing can be relaxing and spiritually edifying.

I also enjoy sewing on occasion!

Yes, (faint, gasp for breath), a young man who can sew! For the record, I can use a machine or do hand sewing. Thanks to my great aunt (94 and still going) who taught sewing for Singer Company!

I agree that the words, while a nice sentiment, would be a bit much.

May God bless you and your daughter.


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