Please say a prayer

for Wes' continued job search and my continued sanity. Especially that he not get discouraged now that the initial burst of energy is wearing thin.

Good news for today is that our health coverage extends to the end of September. After that, hopefully we'll have an income to buy our own, which won't cost much more than what we are paying now.

Don't even mention COBRA...that's more than twice as much.

He's applying like crazy all over the's just that them wheels do turn slowly.

Through the prayers of St. Xenia of St. Petersburg and St. John the Wonderworker, may the Lord have mercy on us, amen.


Megan said…
I got to you on a blog roll, and it must have been the HS guiding me as usual. You mentioned needing insurance between jobs. My hubby and I just went through a job change we couldn't afford cobra and the new insurance doesn't count for 2 months. I wasn't okay with being without, so in my whining, someone told me you can get temporary health insurance. It's offered from standard insurance agents. It cost me $217 for 2 months, $1000 deductible. Ours is with Golden Rule, they are associated with United Healthcare. I hope this helps.
Elizabeth said…
Praying for you all.
Mimi said…
You have my prayers.

COBRA amazes me - it's for when you don't have a job, but it's so expensive. Insert rant here....


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