Kissed on the cheek by Christ

I saw Jesus today.
Under some trees by the Arby's
with alcohol and cigarettes and who-knows-what-else on the breath
and grateful arms reaching out
and lips kissed my cheek.

All I had was a too small offering
for Christ
whom I found there
under those trees,
waiting for me
with hope
to see if I was as good as my parking-lot word.

You just never know, these days, if someone's word is true,
so it was with true joy
that Christ greeted me
as I brought
a flimsy
Walmart bag:
trail mix,
coca cola
and some granola bars and a
ten dollar bill.
Not gold or frankincense or myrrh,
just easy-to-carry food
on a too-hot Kentucky day.

Small offering indeed for the
King of Kings,
who had not showered in days
and alcohol, cigarettes on the breath.

But Jesus kissed my cheek
and I did not realize it
until blogging
I saw a picture of a Greek priest
giving greeting.

And I realized that even in Kentucky
kissing means something.

And I am utterly unworthy
for such an embrace
and for the rest of the day
my energy was somehow spent.


Susan Sophia said…
Simply beautiful!


Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Thank God for you, Alana.
lisa said…
Oh, so beautiful, Alana!
Paula said…
Very meaningful. Thanks.
wilsonian said…
Arrived via Lisa, and am so VERY glad I did!
Connie said…
I'm convicted and humbled. I've linked to this post on my blog, This Little Blog of Mine, I hope you don't mind.

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