It's funny

how I can be going along so well, and then suddenly things change and I change, or revert back to old habits or whatever. In this case, I find I am having to fight myself tooth and nail not to go back to old gaining-weight eating habits. I know it must be the stress. Hopefully I can get through this, and keep my beloved lost forty off. That's the plan. But it's a daily battle.

As soon as dinner is digested, I need to go do my "daily necessary" (three mile walk) and the thought of doing it on a full stomach this late in the day is yech.

The reason I missed my regular walking time was errands: My daugter got glasses and her first exclamation was: "Wow, I can see blades of grass!" I think her life will be much improved as a result. And, she looks cute.

So, here's my low carb meatball recipe, for anyone who might be interested:

finely chopped onion
1 pound very lean ground beef
1 pound turkey sausage
two cups of finely chopped pork rinds
two eggs
worchestershire sauce
tomato puree...somewhere in the quarter cup range, perhaps.

Mush it all together like you are making meatloaf (in fact, you could make this into a meat loaf. For a more traditional meatloaf flavor, use regular ground turkey instead of the turkey sausage). Then pat into a big rectangle about an inch thick and cut into 1 inch squares. Roll the squares into balls. Distribute on a pan with edges, not a cookie sheet, because it will nastyfy the your oven floor and smoke up the house otherwise. Bake at 400 F for about 20 minutes.

If it weren't fairly quick and easy to make, I would not bother. But it's worth it to have meatballs that don't contain all those carby fillers. And, they freeze great and I can take out individual meat balls and nuke them and they are good.


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