The Annual Blog Post about Biscuits

OK, so I'm a biscuit lover, but I don't eat them very often at all. I especially like making biscuits. Somehow the process reminds me of all my foremothers in their kitchens doing the same thing. It's southern, and I'm sure many of them did.

And there are two types of biscuits: the kind that turn out flat and crispy and the big fluffy kind (think McDonald's). For years mine have always turned out flat and crispy, and very very tasty, but I longed to be able to produce the big fluffy kind.

I'm too good for recipes, don't get me wrong. They have their place, but not in the creation of biscuits.

And this morning I had that necessary "duh!" moment of biscuit-making bliss: baking soda and clabbered milk!

The gal that taught me to make biscuits in college just showed me with self rising flour, shortening and milk. So that was the basis of my biscuit making for all these years. But I never had self rising flour and always added baking powder to my flour instead. With less than stellar results.

So this morning it was flour, baking powder, baking soda, shortening, and vinegar in the milk...and a wee bit of splenda.

And they turned out big and fluffy.

All of this because I had a thawed pound of sausage in the fridge waiting to be cooked.

The sad part is, nobody but me really WANTED biscuits and sausage for breakfast. But eventually people drifted through and ate some. I'm tempted to go out on the highways and byways and find some takers.


Meg said…
Yankee though I am, I *adore* biscuits and sausage, especially big, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits. But my husband doesn't, and since it's just the two of us, I just don't make them anymore. Wish we lived near enough each other that I could stop in for some!
alana said…
oh, my husband does not hardly care for biscuits either, blames it on being an "Iowa boy"...BAH! But he did have one with honey at lunch time.

Meg, you and I need to have tea and biscuits someday!
Suzanna said…
okay where did you come from! I forgot about Biscuits! and then i see that you hvae written something about guacamole too.... what???
You are some sort of soul sister
I'm going to go make some biscuits right now!

I think Jesus is gonna meet me in the kitchen for some biscuits with butter and red/type jam.
very nice to meet you!
Mimi said…
Ooooh, we eat a lot of biscuits here - especially with soup during Lent (I use soy milk to make them)

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