Allergic Reactions

Last Holy Week I had a bad allergic reaction to peanuts. Subsequently I tested positive at the allergist to peanut and tree nuts and I now carry an epi pen. Much to my relief I was NOT allergic to soy.

Today I ate a soynut butter sandwich on whole wheat sugar free bread with some artificial honey (maltitol, artificial know, sugar free honey for those of us who can't have sugar).

And I had an allergic reaction very very similar to my peanut reaction, only an eeensy bit milder. Itchy mouth, coughing, nausea (but no vomiting), itchy face, wrists and scalp and tingling lips.

I've eaten wheat since then with no ill effects. The most likely culprit of course is the soy.

My debate: do I call the allergist, or do I just start avoiding soy? It's not like he'd be able to DO anything but tell me to avoid it...

And from what he said last May when I visited him, it IS possible to suddenly turn allergic to something. Afterall, that's precisely what happened with the peanuts.

Fortunately it was not an epi-pen type of reaction, and a couple of benadryl did me just fine.

Do I try soy nut butter again, in case something might have been contaminated with peanuts? I did lay the bread directly on the table cloth instead of getting a plate out (yeah, bad me) but the table cloth did not have any crumbs or peanut butter smears on it, so I think it was safe. I used a clean knife to make my sandwich and the loaf of bread is NOT the kind my son would use to make himself a pbj.

I"m mostly just curious and amused by all this. I'm not feeling sorry for myself at all. It's sort of funny really, and mostly I just think: OK, Lord, what else should I die to?


Anonymous said…

I have two stomach conditions. Basically, my doctor gave me the following advise. If it bothers you don't eat it. If it dosen't bother you, feel free to enjoy.

Strangely, I have an allergic reaction to peanut butter (which I can't stand to begin with)but not to peanuts or any other type of legume or nut.

It is possible that your reaction was to something else or a weird fluke. It is up to you to try the soy again. If you have the reaction of course then you will definately know.

Mimi said…

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