Thursday, July 20, 2006

Today I must

clean my house. I"m mean, we don't live life in a pig pen, we keep things tidy, but I have my ENTIRE family coming to visit. Tomorrow.

We have a list.

We have a PLAN!

It WILL get done. I want to get all the embarrassing spots clean, like the refigerator and the grungy corner behind the dishwasher where I keep my brooms and mops.

But meanwhile I sit at the computer and BLOG, for crying out loud, and the sad thing is, I'm blogging about NOTHING just so I don't have to get up and start cleaning house.

At least I have minions to make the overall load on each person lighter.

Did I mention that I HATE the scrubbing etc. and it's not so much the actual work of it, it's the fact that within seconds of getting it all done, it will be undone by life, the universe, the minions and everything.

So, God have mercy, here we go.

Update: The house is clean and I did not even loose my temper AND the kids did their share. A successful day, indeed!


Amy said...

It's like I say, vacuum the floor yourself, and it will be clean for 18 minutes. Teach the kids to do it, and it will still only be clean for 18 minutes and will take 45 minutes to complete, but at least you didn't have to do it!

And, you have multiple brooms and mops? I only have one each. Is that bad? Nah, because given the amount of use they see, one each is all we need!

Hope you have a nice visit with your family.

Karen said...

My sympathies, Alana, on both having to clean the house and having to have a houseful of guests. I've found that, with having houseguests-- no matter who they are or how much you love them and enjoy their company-- gets old after about three days. And I don't like to BE a houseguest for more than that long either. In either case, I'm ready to have my house back and my life back to normal.

I try to make cleaning fun... play some upbeat music. I don't have a family, but since you do, maybe you have a cleaning "party" with the kids, if they're old enough. You know, make them think that they're doing something fun. ;-)

Have nice time with your family!

Meg said...

Anyone who can actually con their kids into believing that cleaning is fun, I take my hat off to. Mine never bought it.

I hear you, Alana, on the subject of the house staying clean and tidy. Not to mention the laundry. I once read of a woman who planned to have engraved on her tombstone, "At last her laundry's done."

Just a thought.

Karen said...

I actually enjoy cleaning the house, if no one else is in it. The annoying thing is that you know that whatever you're cleaning is going to be messy/dirty again in about ten minutes.

I've tried to get my dogs involved in the housework, but they're not having any of it. They just lay on the couch and watch me as I clean...

Karen said...

Meg, I see from your profile that you're in Rochester, NH. That's where my mom's entire family is from!

Mimi said...


Enjoy the visit!