This is Fun

Facial Recognition program that can match you up with celebrity faces. I did mine smiling and straight faced. Both times, it came up that I look like Zsa Zsa Gebour. YIKES! Straight faced, I also look like the president (as in George W. himself), apparently.

Have fun!


Karen said…
I don't know, Alana... from the pics of you in the mantilla, I think you look like Nia Vardalos. Are you Greek, by chance?
alana said…
Not a drop.

English and a bit of Cherokee.
Laura said…
I did this a while ago...the one face I remember was "Mae West" which totally cracks me up!
Romani said…
Fun! I was Matt Dillon. Except I'm a girl.
Hi there. If you don't mind me did you come to be Orthodox? I am currently reading a book called The Way, and am enjoying it quite a bit!
alana said…
Hello Abundance...I'll answer your question, and make it it's very own blog post.

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