Something to smile about

I stepped out of the shopping center this evening, to dusky overcast skies and the smell of rain. Drifting on the breeze was wonderful, live saxaphone music coming from a black man in the back of his pickup truck. He was playing Jazz like only a black man can, (even when it's politically incorrect for me to say so).

It was wonderful, like a breath of uniqueness in a sterile, prepackaged buy-this-now-and-don't-think world.

I rolled my windows down so I could catch as much of his music as I could.

I drove out of my way to thank him for his wonderful music.

I smiled.


Meg said…
It's sad when we have to re-think a compliment in terms of Political Correctness. You are right; only blacks can *really* do jazz. I think it's the original "soul music" (well, besides Orthodox chant). ;-)
Anonymous said…
Oh, that's very cool. Excellent.

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