Something I"m contemplating.... does one pray? does one pray earnestly, deeply, contemplatively, genuinely? does one pray without ceasing?

Is it that thought, that constant awareness of my need for mercy from God? Is it that whispered prayer on a sigh as the memory of an old friend falls out of nowhere into my mind? Is it the begging for mercy as one more time I am tested to the limit of my patience? Is it the asking for mercy once again after I've been pushed past the limit of my patience? Is it scrubbing the bathtub in humility, at least for one small moment of personal victory, rather than in anger?

Is it the constant conversation of my life?

Is it all this? Or is there more, something I"m missing?

Am I praying earnestly even as I go through my life? And if not, how can I tell?


Laura said…
Questions I struggle with also. Maybe the struggle is part of the prayer?
Mimi said…
I think Laura is on to something there.

It's also something I struggle with a lot.
Christina said…
One thing gerondissa has said that always stuck in my mind regarding prayer (she's the abbess at the monastery in Washington State)... i was there for a women's retreat and someone asked how to pray when we, as wives and mothers, are so busy taking care of our families (as in, I just feel like I don't have time to complete my prayer rule). Gerondissa said that our children and our husbands are our prayer... when we are serving them (minus the grumbling which I do way too much) we are serving God. She also said that if we are trying to keep a monastic prayer life, we are neglecting our families. I know that this helps me a lot when I get down about my prayer life. or lack thereof:)
Susan Sophia said…
Very wise words from Gerontissa. I've also spoken with her about this and she said to me, "Pray while you work". I stick with that. But still so often doubt that my prayer life is enough. We all need to just pray "Lord have mercy" and trust God that He will hear our prayers despite the fact that they are said while we wash dishes, change diapers, correct math, read the history reader, or mop a floor. I pray His mercy on my meager efforts to praise Him and glorify Him all the while raising my children to HOPEFULLY follow Him.
Thank you Alana for posting this. It is on the forefront of my mind always. Am I leaning on Him enough? Am I trusting Him enough? Am I glorifying Him in ALL I do (even the stuff I dread to do)enough???
I love to read about the early Celtic Christians. They had prayers for the most mundane activity: milking the cow, sweeping, etc. They took God with them in their hearts an in their minds wherever they went.

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