Not so deep thoughts

I have not bloggged anything truly profound in several posts, I guess. My head has been very full of big decisions, and issues, and concerns, I guess. I'll be homeschooling my three youngest kids next school year, so many decisions about curriculum, lessons, etc. have had to be made. I have a deep sense of peace about it. I'm already training them to sit and listen to good literature being read aloud. We are working our way through The Horse and His Boy (from the Narnia series, by C.S. Lewis) and after I forced them to it, the kids played legos quietly while I read about three chapters tonight. That was good. I"ve heard it takes two months of "detox time" for every year the kid was public schooled. So, six months for my son, four for my daughter, and nine months for my older daughter...but I think she's so relieved that she's already "detoxed".

I can tell the three youngest, the one's I'll be homeschooling, are visibly more relaxed now that they know what is in store for them and that they won't have the stressors they had last year. I know there will be other stressors, but the particular ones they experienced last year...what a relief.

AND, rumor has it that the school is slated for rennovation. While students are in class. yeah. Nice. If it were a school NOT in the inner city, you can bet your morning donuts that they'd be doing the rennovating over the summer, or better yet, building a new building. But no, not at this school. These kids apparently don't deserve the best. They deserve only a years-behind-schedule renovation that occurs around their already academically floundering ears.

I see the injustice of it. This is not our primary reason for going this route, but it is one factor. And I have options. Cozy ones. Sacrificial, but cozy nonetheless.

The cool thing is, I found a homeschool group, and I think we will fit right in. And there is theatre, which my two girls are excited about , and a Lego League that my son is gaga over. Good things are happening. Busy things. Things that leave me with not much to blog about.


Hello there. I discovered you through Dollymama, and read Crunchy Cons after reading your comments. I am trying to get a little good advice today. I have a question posted and would like your insight. :)
Amy said…
Hey! We're reading The Horse and His Boy right now too! And a Lego League? My son would be gaga too...for hours he is up there in his room with the legos. He is only six. Good luck and my prayers for homeschooling.
Laura said…
Lego league...I may have to look into that!

We'll be homeschooling for "real" this year. Last year was just practice before we had to go under an umbrella group and worry about all the legal technicalities/etc.

My kids liked, "The Horse and His Boy" but I think their fave Narnia book was "The Magician's Nephew." We're almost finished with "The Hobbit" now. I don't know what we'll read aloud next...
Jasmine said…
I've often considered's a year til my kids are old enough for school, so it will be educational to read your blogs as you embark upon this task. Hopefully my decision can be more informed.
DollyMama said…
Wow! Sounds exciting! I keep wondering when we'll be getting back to homeschooling. I doubt we're completely done with it.

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