Dancing Shoes

Tonight I bought some shoes. For contra dancing. Nothing special, just something with soft soles so I can move my feet freely. Difficult to dance in Birkenstock sandals, which is my usual podattire. I was looking for something that wouldn't be so pathetically obvious that I'd gone out and bought shoes just for....

Yes, that's right. My husband and I are going to take up contra dancing together. We had so much fun at our friend's wedding that we did the research and found that the place for contra dancing in our town is just about a mile or so from our house. (Sometimes it really IS nice to live so near downtown). All comers welcome and an imminently affordable entrance fee for the three hour long dance.

I'm so excited!

We were practicing together in our living room the other night, this one move that neither of us could figure out at the wedding dance. Between the two of us, we eventually figured it out, so there we were, two silly and tired thritysomthing adults promenading across the living room floor and then him spinning me around to head in the opposite direction. We put on a CD and liberally called it dancing.

Life can be so much fun sometimes.


Laura said…
That's wonderful! Have a great time with the dancing. I took a swing dance class before I met Jim and just loved it. But he refuses to dance so....oh well!
Paige said…
I've been invited several times to play with the house band for that contra dance (because every good contra dance needs a tuba?). If you want someone to distract from your beginner dancing, let me know when you're gonna start and I'll show up and play really poorly :)
Mimi said…
Ooooh, enjoy!
DollyMama said…
Awesome! Contra dancing in Lex has been on my To Do list for quite some time. I think I even have my small group members willing to go. Let me know how it is!

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