Wednesday, June 07, 2006


In my opinion: it should have been rated R. There is no way the kids will see this one, even though we are all X-Men fans. They ruined it. The actors looked so much older than they did in the last movie. I guess it's been a few years. Newsflash to you hollywood producer types: those of us in our late twenties-mid thirties...we don't have all day. We do get older looking. It shows in this movie.

Phoenix was a disappointment. Things did not go down according to the comic book plots at all.

Archangel was cool. Wish they'd have developed his character instead of having him around the edges.

As a matter of fact, character development was seriously lacking thourghout this movie. In that sense, it rode the coattails of the other movies. And without any such depth, it was nothing but grinding action and violence. Too many people were killed, and too much did darkness win the upper hand.

Did good prevail in the end? Not redemptively.

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Tamara said...

Yeah, I'm with you on the evil seeming to prevail. I don't follow the comic books, but I tend to like movies made after comics. I enjoyed seeing X3, but I also wish they took more time to explore the characters. I like the background and the decisions. So many Xmen and no knowledge of their powers. I would have like more insight into Rogue's decision/conflict. But, it was the first night at the movies with my husband in a long time, so I enjoyed it.