Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sugar Free Food Products Reviews

1)Pillsbury Sugar Free Cinnamon Rolls........Yuuuuuuuuuumy. I just found these yesterday. Don't normally buy or even look at the canned cinnamon rolls, etc. but these caught my eye and I bought them. I'll be buying them again sometime...perhaps to take to coffe hour at church.

My husband tried one and compared to wallmart brand cinnamon rolls, says these are more cinnamony. Not a bad difference, IMO. Sweetened with maltitol and splenda. Not something to eat evdery day.

2)Land O' Lakes Whipped cream sweetened with splenda. Very very good whipped cream. Stalls my weight loss efforts every time. But very yummy. After some sleuthful label reading I discovered it has dextrose in it, or somesuch, so I stopped buying it. It might be appropriate for christmas dinner, you know, to go with that sugar free pumpkin pie. But don't keep it in the house. (Sigh, can't wait till Christmas).

3)Nature's Own Sugar Free Whole Grain a very soft bread, almost the texture of white bread but a bit "browner"...and it IS sugar free. It's nice to have a sandwich every once in a while now. I hope they keep making this. It does not have the fiber overkill texture that some low carb breads do.

4)Nabisco Bite sized shredded wheat and bran...boring, but a staple. I eat it every morning.

5) Hunts Sugar Free Spaghetti Sauce...has a lighter flavor than say, Prego, which is loaded with sugar. After one eats sugar free for a while, one can taste the sugar in practically everything when one cheats. I recommend this both for it's good fresh flavor, and for it's freedom from sugar.

6) Honeytree's Immitation Artificial Honey...OK, so when I first saw this product on the shelf, before my hard core sugar free days, I mocked it, and laughed at it, and thought it was ridiculous. Now, with doctor's orders and a serious commitment to eat sugar free always, I appreciate this for the occasional special treat. It does have 50 calories per tablespoon, so I don't eat much or very often, but occasionally a girl might want honey. This stuff tastes practically like the real thing.

7)Quaker Oats Weight Control Instant Oatmeal...comes in banana bread and cinnamon flavors. Both very good and a good quick way to get a portion/calorie controlled breakfast or snack. This is the closest I'll ever get to actual banana bread flavor again, since Banana's are strictly verboten. many thanks to the food science lab geeks who have created the flavor for this cereal. It rocks. The cinnamon hits the spot when the kid's cinnamon life cereal is calling my name.

8) Sugar Free Davinci syrups...these are good in coffee. I used to love the hazelnut, but now that's off limits due to nut allergies, but the vanilla is very good, and also the caramel. This, some coffee, and some of that sugar free whipped's like being at a coffee shop.

9) MikeSells brand of pretzels...I have not read all the labels for all the MikeSells products, but the mini pretzels are SUGAR FREE!!!! I just discovered this the other day. Not even dextrose, like some other brands.

10) Sugar free ice creams in general....these mess up my hypoglycemia every time. Make me dizzy. Not worth it.

The biggest test for me is: can I eat one, or one portion, without craving more, more, more (a sure sign of insulin response/blood sugar reaction)? Sugar free icecream, like, say, the Klondike bars are very yummy, but I do want to eat the whole box. So, I stay away from them, generally speaking.

11) Canned fruits sweetened with splenda...these are very good. My favorites are the Apricots (Kroger brand) found at Kroger.

12) Dreamfield's Pasta...OK, all pasta is technically sugar free, but this stuff does not give me a hypoglycemic response the way regular pasta does. It costs more but is very worth it to me. Also found at Kroger. It has a glycemix index of 15, I think. Much much lower than regular pasta.

13) Mrs. Butterworth's Sugar Free Pancake syrup....I've tried several brands of SF pancake syrups, and this is by far the best, IMO.

14) Bob Evans Sausage is sugar free. Very fatty, but occasionlly it's a nice treat.

15) Fields makes a good sugar free bacon. So does Gwaltney and Kroger brand. Just read labels. Bacon, when cooked and drained, is a nice garnish. I wouldn't rely on it as a protein source, though.

16) Boo Hiss...Butterball turkey. You think meat is fairly safe. I'm here to tell you this stuff is pure E-VILE. It's injected with sugar sauce, I"m convinced, and it gives me the benders every timme. Once I cooked up a turkey thinking I could have that for my meat source for the week, and it made me so sick. The rest of the family got to enjoy it. Did not bother them at all.


SheBear said...

I gotta in the world do they make artificial honey?? Seriously, what are the ingredients?

It's been a while since I peeked at your blog--glad to see things are going so well for you!

Much much love!!

UVS said...

You mentioned that the Land O'Lakes Whipped Cream has dextrose in it...where did you find that information? I had a feeling that the liquid Splenda wasn't used in the ingredients, but I could never figure it out.

Now, there's a very good chance that there's some information on the back of the can that I completely overlooked. If so, don't laugh at me too much.