Thursday, June 01, 2006


The cure to the black cassok sewing blues: white shirting fabric, edging lace and a pattern to make me a summer blouse...custom measurements so it will fit, unlike 99% of what is hanging on the racks these days. It's been ages since I've sewed anything for myself.

A trip to the library: Brain Candy books, as well as some actual real history- Bernard Lewis (is he an authority?) on the middle east. I've decided to expand my horizons. Last week's pick was "100 people that are Screwing up America" by some guy I'd never heard was a very good Who's Who of current movers and shakers with scathing commentary leveled equally at liberals and conservatives (but more liberals). I had no idea as to the political leanings of the author when I picked up the book. It different from what I usually read, so I grabbed it. No regrets.

Divine Liturgy: Laying in bed after the five a.m. alarm clock went off, fighting to convince myself that it will be a GOOD thing to wake the kids up and throw them in the car for the 7:30 a.m. service. Turns out we made it, were the first ones to arrive and I got to read third hour prayers before DL.

Quiet kids: got videos and loads of books at the library. The summer reading "thingy" at the library this summer only requires fifteen hours of reading. I predict they will have that done by next week, will have collected their pizes and be done for the summer.

McDonalds Sausage Egg Biscuit: I think it's one of my favorite all time foods. After DL, we hit the drive-thru. And it was only 490 calories. Barely over budget so I compensated this afternoon and am still on target with the daily totals. BWAHAHAHA! It doesn't feel like a diet when I can have one of those on occasion.

Checking out camp-sites for a family mini-vacation. I'm glad we live in a good-looking state. The earth is verdant and the hills speak my name. It also rocks to own all necessary camping gear and be able to throw stuff in the van and take off if we want.

Christ's Ascension: lest the significance be lost on you here's the scoop: God assumed our human nature and took it back up to heaven. And Christ's actual body, with flesh, blood, a beating heart, all that stuff, is risen from the dead and sit's at the right hand of God the father, and this stuff that we are made of, this clay we struggle with and against sometimes, this mortality, has been assumed, accepted into the essence of the Holy Trinity itself, and therefore is redeemable and redeemed and being redeemed. Pinch yourself. It's true. Happy Feast Day!!!!!


sara said...

awesome summary of the ascension, alana. struck me. thank you.

Mimi said...

Thank you for the summary - great job!

490 for breakfast with a good lunch and dinner is definitely doable.