Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's been one of those weeks...

...when my creative juices are just not flowing and I"m buried under a pile of life.

Today is big places to go, except the kitchen. Got it clean. The plugged-in laundry slaves are humming along, and the laundry slaves that aren't plugged in are currently watching a movie, blissfully unaware of my nefarious plot to later ruin their afternoon by making them fold those fluffy clean piles.

I'd be a bad parent if I did not train them well, wouldn't I? He he he.

Meanwhile, my day has included getting up at the crack of dawn to open a new cereal box for someone. Somehow, before the coffee was even dranken, I was roped into getting creamed at Star Wars Monopoly by two kids who have not even reached their eighth birthdays yet. Fortunately I was saved by the coming on of the favorite cartoon show half way through the morning.

FREEEEEDOOOOOOM!!!!!! So I escaped out the door to glean a few boxes of low carb pasta from the shelves of the OTHER grocery place. (I hate having to go to more than one store to get what I need. All those piddly little errands take up so much time. I could be blogging instead.)

I'd better get off here and go make a dress or do something useful with my life.

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Simply Victoria said...

sounds like the perfect day.
send it this way when you're done with it, eh?