Tuesday, June 20, 2006


56 days until school starts back up! Pant, pant....huff, huff...gasp...wretch...moan.

It's the constant negotionations, judge and jurying between disagreeing youngsters, the tattling, and the "I'm Boooooooored"....that is getting to me this summer.

Some days it feels like it's nothing but trips to the pool and library, with no time in between to get the chores done. P'raps I ought to slow things down. But then when things are slow, they seem intolerable.

And the house gets sooooo messy with everyone under foot and then it's a major operation to get everyone off their bored arses and picking up after themselves.

I"m thinking me needs to whip things into shape and find a way to get people moving in the clean up department. At least my personal progress is that I'm refusing to do it FOR them.

I"m just ranting because I have lots of sewing to get done. The house always falls apart when there's sewing to get done. LIke I can only concentrate on one thing at a time.

Major re-do on the cassok. I have to take the collar off and take in the size and then put the collar back on...sigh. Me and my seam ripper...BFF.

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Meg said...

What a shame about the cassock. I know the feeling about the seam ripper, only with me, it's my crewel needle and "frogging" (rip it, rip it, rip it).

As for "I'm boooooooooooored": Heh. My cure for that was, "Dust the books, detox your room" (we used to say their rooms looked like a toxic waste dump), "oh, and I could use some help with the laundry/ironing." A-MAZ-ing, how quicly they found something Interesting. (snerk)