This was cool!

Here's a link to a writing exercisethat I very much enjoyed. I actually worked on this and did not just spit it out rapidly like I do too many things.

by me

I am from old lace, from vibrating guitar strings and a hand stitched bag made in third grade.

I am from the green door framed white house, crumbling, sagging porch, the smell of clean laundry that assails me by the dryer vent in the lush back yard after a rain.

I am from the honeysuckle, wild violets, compost heap, the growing grass, dandelions (not a weed to me!) and old leaves from last fall.

I am from midnight pascha and quiet after a trip to the library, from Opal and Doris and Barbara.

I am from feasting and puns.

I am from preachin’ and theologizing and judgement and righteousness.

I am from baptized in the Rhine, prayer ropes and icons, I am from ancient oils and canted prayers.

I am from Germany and England and Cherokee, Swiss bread, coffee, diet coke and rose hip tea.

I am from memories of those Jura mountains where my toddler sister hiked as far as us older ones, holding Daddy’s hand with a magic flower in the other in a country full of pine trees and air I will never again breathe.

I am from the silent man who was funny before serving in the Pacific during world war 2 who looks so much like my brother in those old pictures that it makes my throat catch, who loved me by giving me bubble gum to chew.

I am from the dusty attic box, forgotten, unlooked, photos showing my true self in the background clutter, from a jewelry box, and a china cabinet full of teapots that speak more to me of roots than photographs ever could.


DollyMama said…
Anonymous said…
I am glad to find a kindred spirit ;-) dandelions are certainly not weeds. We are in dandelion season now and I love the bright golden faces looking up at me from every embankment, grassy verge, growing from underneath walls and even in drains in the street.
RevBJM said…
Your words move me to tears--joy and love and a small amount of pride. :)
alana said…
Mimi said…
Your writing always floors me - it's so lyrical and beautiful and has the appearance of being effortless.

Thank you.
VIctoria said…
I did this for my dad's birthday. I made a photo collage and put the poem in the middle.

My dad, though, takes such things rather casually. :} But I had fun writing it.

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