Scorning the general population

Yes, that's right. I am SEVERELY lacking in love. I just don't like the folks in my neighborhood very much. Many are loud, many are less intelligent than I am, less educated than I am, many are poor, they all talk with obnoxious accents and very poor grammar, many many many are ugly, and most are fat and in poor health due to lifestyle choices (but then again, so am I). So, there you have it: My prejudices, issues, and shames, all rolled into one.

And yet...there's this whispering in my ear that asks me: If you went overseas to be a missionary, and landed in a place just like this, with people just like this, what would you do?

What would I do? What will I do? How shall I then be HERE?

Oh God, oh God, oh God have mercy on me a sinner!


Meg said…
It's easier to overcome prejudices as you get older, because you have more experience.

On the other hand, it's easier to form biases as you get older -- because you have more experience.
Xenia Kathryn said…
I know what you mean as far as the whole missionary thing goes. I used to be so eager to go live amongst the poor in, say, a third world country. But here? In my own neighborhood? Not so much... Lord have mercy on me, indeed!
Mimi said…
Very good point.
Elizabeth said…
Me too.
DollyMama said…
We had this discussion at small group recently: It's so much more "romantic" to go serve people far away, or to send our money far away. If far away was up close we'd be as annoyed about it as we are about what we already see every day.....

It's good to try to develop compassion close to home.
VIctoria said…
This may sound disingenuous, but it's an honest question: Where is the boundary between "like" and "love"?

We've all *heard* that we don't have to like people in order to love them, but I for one don't quite buy it...if I don't like people then I don't spend time with them, and then I can't love them.

So...I guess my real comment is...I hear you!!

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