The Pool is Open, the Weather's Hot

We always buy a pool pass for our family. It's only one-fifty for all of us for the summer. If I were to pay for me and the four kids to go to the pool once with cash, it would cost sixteen dollars. SIXTEEN. HOW, I wonder, do I see all the same folks at the pool every day, and no one has pool passes except for us? I think that some folks don't know math. Or maybe they don't have a pile of kids. But even with one grown up and two kids it would still ten bucks. So if you go fifteen times it will have paid for itself. The pool season goes from memorial day until labor day, so it seems like it still would be more economical for most people to buy the passes.

At any rate, with the pool one block away, this is the deal of the summer if you ask me. It also gives me clout: as in, we aren't going if you don't do xyz (mostly clean your I really don't think an almost eight year old needs my help doing that, KWIM???

And I bought this really cool chair back pack: it has straps, and a huge pocket for stowing all our gear and it's one of those low down to the ground lounge chairs. So not only can I bribe the kids, get them so much exercise that they are quiet and sleepy at night, I can lounge poolside and read books.

I only have one question: What is it about lolling in the sun (wearing spf 50 sunscreen, of course) that is so...exhausting?


Mimi said…
It is exhausting, isn't it? Enjoy.
Paige said…
So your pool is open? The one on this side of town (Berry Hill) is not, shows no signs of opening any time soon, and we're not sure why. Not that I plan to haul my 9+months pregnant self down there right now, but I had planned to spend large chunks of July under water.

If this is some kind of budget issue, our politicians are more inept than I thought. You don't close public parks in an election year. Were I mayor, I would sell my office furniture first.
alana said…
Our local politicians are very very stoopid.

Last year or maybe year before that there was a big ruckus and lots of the pool closed and the prices when up up up. This year the prices are same as they were last year, at least.

...and they thought they could afford the water company! HA!
james said…

I'm no fan of Internet abbreviations, but I have to share something with you. The abbreviation for "Know What I Mean" is a dirty word.

Take it for what it's worth, but I just thought you'd want to know. I snicker everytime you use it -- blame it on immaturity.

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