The life and times of a SAHM...

Why is it that sewing a black cassok is unbelievably tedious and boring, when other sewing I find to be fun? Every single cassok I have done has been brutal torture. Blech. I'm getting closer to being done, though....closer, but not done yet. At least this time I can SEE what I'm doing, thanks to my nifty thrifty reading/sewing glasses. I can't even see the warp of the fabric without them.

And in other news...after sewing all morning, I laid around at the pool, again. Had the good sense to leave by mid afternoon, and just a few minutes after we got home it started to thunder. Eventually I saw my first hail: marble sized hail. Glad it wasn't bigger, so no damage to our car. It's still storming out.

Other than that, I've been a lazy bum today. Folded laundry, taught one of the kids the fine art of loading the dishwasher, and read an interesting book that was different from my usual fare.

My tan is coming along nicely.

At the pool today, mostly I wished I had a friend to talk to. I sat staring at the other moms, wishing I knew them but not knowing how to meet people...nobody talks to other people unless they already know one another, so that's how it is. Mostly I hid in my book.

I think my kids feel similarly lonely sometimes. Sigh.


james said…
I find that so odd. So, you're a 30-ish woman with four children at a pool sitting along with other women (20s to 40s perhaps) who have children too. How can you not at least strick up a conversation?

I'm not asking to be judgmental; I'm just surprised that you'd be that shy. The worst that can happen is the person you try to make conversation with cuts you short and withdraws. Otherwise, you could end up with a new friend.

It makes me wonder why you're so shy. It makes me wonder why I'm so shy.
alana said…

For one thing it's a proximity issue. Everyone creates their own space or zone. You set up your stuff, towels, chair etc, and there's a fairly consistent distance between each set-up. Some scientist could probably fly over and measure. I'm sure it's somehow culturally determined.

And then there's a matter of opening lines: What on earth does one say?
Susan said…
I know how you feel. Ive done the same thing for years. I have decided that Im just an introvert, and get along best by myself.
Two of my children are very outgoing, and one is just like me.
They are all adults.
I dont think there is anything wrong with (our) type of people, but sometimes I get very lonely.
Side note, I am on the diet you recommended to Mimi. Ordered the book and all.
Seems easy to follow...I like all the recipies.
I have lost 10 lbs counting calories. This just give me a little guideline, which I need.
Thank you!
Laura said…
The same thing happens often in the hallway outside my daughter's dance class...I know I'm shy and introverted, but apparently conversations only happen if the folks know each other. I encounter this often...Unless one of my friends is there. She's so outgoing and doesn't care about social graces. We end up nearly having a party if she's with the rest of us shy folks! LOL!
Xenia Kathryn said…
So, we have something in common. We all are introverts, and we all seem to do best "socializing" on the blogosphere. Here, nobody can really reject us. We write what we want, and hey, if someone replies, it's great!

I know I at least come from a long line of rejection-fearers. I think that causes my shyness most of all. But my fears are only made grander when everyone else in the public sphere seems to create these barriers that Alana speaks of; people listen to their ipods, talk on their cell phones, etc.

I've enjoyed your recent blogs, Alana! Have fun sewing something for yourself :)
james said…

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