Learning Something New

I decided that instead of constantly gorging myself on escapist literature this summer, I would use some of my down time to learn something new. So yesterday I tackled learning how to crochet roses using a 100 year old pattern. That worked, I used fat cotton yarn and a big hook, so the thing was gigantic, but now that I know how to read that pattern I think I can do it way scaled down. It was a piece from a dress yoke and it's called irish crochet...has sort of an irregular pattern of loops and picots connecting various leaf, rose and clover motifs. I get crazy about stuff like that, as long as it's done in natural fibers and is very fine. I'd love to be able to make that sort of thing.

I also want to learn how to crochet blocks. That book has some very cool sweaters and stuff done in blocks, which technically I can do, I just need to try it and see the results.


Laura said…
I like to crochet too...and listen to escapist literature on tape. :)
alana said…
I've never actually MADE anything(by crochet) since like the second grade...I just dink around. I need to make something, anything...and soon, lest I perish.
Mimi said…
Ooooh, enjoy! I've never crocheted.
Philippa said…
I love to crochet! Have been doing so, off and on, since a teen when my grandmother taught me how.

I'd like to learn to make those pretty lacey doilies that use the really thin yarn that isn't quite thread thin.
Meg said…
I've done the pretty lacey doilies, and they are great fun as well as very pleasant to have around, but I've never learned Irish crochet. Where did you come up with the pattern? It would be a useful skill to have.

One other thing I'd like to learn is bobbin lace. Learning something new is how we stay young, I think.
alana said…
I'd also like to learn how to do tatting. Hardly anyone knows how anymore and it seems to be becoming a lost skill. Used to be very common. Beautiful way to make lace and edgings.

Bobbin lace too...that would be cool.

If you know the basics of crochet, all you need is a pattern and the proper size of thread and hooks to make doilies etc. It is just more of the same.

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