Gone Nuts!

I've officially become one of those epi-pen wielding people with peanut and nut allergies who has to call restaurants in advance to check on ingredients, who has to screen all foods before eating them, packs her own sack lunches wherever she goes, and who keeps peanuts and other nuts out of her house and her husband's teeth, who cooks most things from scratch and reads labels voraciously.(Not that I didn't already do that for sugar and other ingredients, but now I officially have another layer added to my culinary sleuthing FUN!!!) My best "duh!" moment of the day was when I so brilliantly said: "You mean, if I eat pecans and it scalds my mouth, that's a NUT ALLERGY?????"...oh, the priceless look on the nurse's face when I said that.

Ah yes, and when the allergist found out there's a family history of heart disease, he was VERY interested in seeing me loose the last twenty pounds (his eyes about popped out of his head when I told him I'd already lost well over thirty and that I was fully planning on loosing the last twenty. "You mean you were....?" he said. "Yes docotor, 225," I answered. Oh, shock. A patient who actually CARES about her health and is willing to (mostly) discipline herself!!!!! He was also very interested in seeing me continue my nightly glass of red wine and strongly encouraged two grams of fish oil per day. Why?

Epinephrine is really really bad for someone with heart disease, apparently.

I'm living on the bleeding edge of insanity, or the bleeding edge of anaphylactic nut allergy, I guess. Nuts. They seem to be in everything.

And if ANYONE can point me to a real true source for cooking chocolate bars from scratch (and I don't mean the "melt a bag of chocolate chips" kind of recipe, I mean the "take butter, sweetener, cocoa powder, etc, and cook them for yay and so long and then do such and so with them and turn the into chocolate bars..."-please point me in the right direction.

One can buy sugar free chocolates. One can buy nut free chocolates, but I have YET to find sugar free nut free chocolates.


Laura said…
Oh goodness...I will keep my eyes open for that recipe. Maybe keep your eyes open for old cookbooks at used bookstores and libraries?

I'm glad you got an answer, but sorry it added another layer of craziness to your life. We'll just keep you on the prayer list...
alana said…
VIctoria said…
Mark Bittman's cookbook, How To Cook Everything, may have some. It's a completely from-scratch cookbook. I will look.

As Laura said, glad you got an answer, but sorry that it adds more craziness!!
Carmen said…
You know I've been there with the nut anaphylaxis. No fun, no fun.

I'll keep my eye out for you!
Dawn said…
oh, at least now you know. Ugh.
VIctoria said…
Chocolate truffles

8 oz bitter chocolate
sweetener to taste
2 T water
2 T unsalted butter
3/4 c heavy cream
unsweetened cocoa powder

Melt chocolate and water over low heat, stirring. Add butter a little at a time, stirring after each addition to blend. Gradually add cream, stirring.

Refrigerate until stiff, about 1 hr. Sift cocoa powder into a bowl. Line a plate with waxed paper. Make small chocolate balls with your hands or two spoons, then roll in the powder. Refrigerate for no more than a day or two. Better yet, eat right away.
alana said…
Is there a recipe for making milk chocolate out of cocoa powder etc?
VIctoria said…
Try www.chocolatealchemy.com.
Allergic Girl said…
enjoylifefoods.com has chocolate chips made in a NUT-FREE facility [subcontracted out to blommers in Chicago--] i also have nut allergies and i did fine with this yummy product--best of luck!

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