Go Immigrants!

As in, rah rah rah, sis boom bah! As in, cheering them on.

After all, we are ALL immigrants. AND, who are we kidding, our country is very very economically dependant on illegal immigrant labor, so lets do the right thing and give them a big fat thank you called amnesty.

THEN, if we really think it's an issue, we can put our national money where our mouths are and spend muchos dineros on sealing our borders and expensive fruits and vegetables that are no longer harvested by dirt cheap labor.

Are we willing? I doubt it. We americanos are too complacent.

So, a big fat bienvenidos to all my fellow americans who hail from south of the border.


Norma said…
Actually, the illegal immigrants cost us much more than they contribute to the economy. If you don't believe me, start looking at what your community pays to educate children or treat people in the ER who have no medical benefits. Also, illegals can claim their children in Mexico as dependents.

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