Give us this day our daily bread. ..

So our church is now participating in a new ministry, and that is distributing bread. Panera bread company just opened a new store in the town where our church is, and they notified the churches that they give out the day old bread for distribution to the needy. We signed up to be one of the receiving churches, and the poor guy who is in charge said he went to get the bread and it just kept coming, and coming and coming.

Yesterday when we got to Church there was a HUGE mound of bread for us to deal with. Bagels, Foccacia, Baguettes, Loaves, sweet buns, more bagels....loads of it.

More than will usually be I think because they are still in practice mode at the bakery. Wow. So at least for yesterday, we ALL took enough to fill our freezers and there was so much left over I think B was panicked.

So now our freezer is so full of this delicious bread that I will have to absolutely control myself over and NOT EAT (flexing the self control muscles...what a concept!) but we also have the opportunity to be a courrier...

Yesterday we delivered three big garbage bags full of bagels to the Catholic Action Center, which is only about six blocks from our house. The Center feeds homeless peopple daily, I think. Even on a Sunday afternoon there was someone there to take our donation. We knew about this place because dh walks home from work, and has chatted with folks there.

So now our commute to and from our parish will have one extra purpose on Sunday afternoons. Major bagel delivery.

That feels really really good.


Anonymous said…
I really used to like Panera both as a place to buy bread and somewhere to have lunch when I was in Denver. It's nice to know that they are socially conscious too.
DollyMama said…
That's great. I was hoping to get involved with that as well. :)
Mimi said…
I've never been to Panera, but I hear good things. What a wonderful gift to give to your parish.
Philippa said…
That is a totally awesome idea! Good for you that you are participating like you are. Talk about following the scriptural mandate to "feed" the poor.

alana said…
I'm just the transporter!
Tamara said…
One of our students works at Panera and is constantly bringing huge bags of bread to give to teachers and other students. None of us know what to do with SO MUCH!

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