Fave Flicks

Re-watching the Rocky movies. I love them! I hardly remember anything from when I watched them in High School and I'm having a great time with these films. I really like how Rocky's Christian faith is made an integral part of the story line, asking for a blessing from his priest before the big fight, praying in the corner, wearing his cross, going to the chapel in the hospital when visiting hours are over, and promising to buy a statue for his church with his prize money. And I love his devotion to his wife, and how he shields her from her jerky abusive brother.

My favorite line from Rocky II is something to the effect of "I won't ever ask you to stop being a woman, so please don't ask me to stop being the man."

These movies make me smile. Right up there with Pride and Prejudice and You've Got Mail...happy sigh.


Meg said…
Ohhh, "You've Got Mail" is one of my ALL TIME FAVES! It's so cute, even my husband likes it.

But don't you like "Sleepless in Seattle"? That's my sister's favorite, and it was my first taste of the Pacific NW.
Laura said…
I enjoy the "Rocky" movies also...and "Sleepless in Seattle" is an all time favorite also. I think one of my all time favorite 80's movies is "Tootsie." I could watch it over and over...LOL.

I didn't like the "new Pride and Prejudice" but I treasure the BBC one. I've read the book too many times, I think....
Lightfinder said…
"Rocky" is a chick-flick!! Who knew!
Mimi said…
I've never seen any of the Rocky films.

I do like "Mail" and "Seattle"
alana said…
You should re-watch rocky from the chick flick POV, lightfinder. It's totally fun.

I also own and like Sleepless, but the grief aspects are a bit gut wrenching, too. I don't watch it very often.

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