Ain't no cure for the summer time blues, doing dee dee doing dee dee doing...

It was one of those mornings around here when my son could not find his shoes, the living room is inundated with piles of art work from the kids' exploits yesterday and heaps of laundry waiting to be folded. At least it is clean! And so it was a little more difficult than ideal to get the kids out the door this morning. But we managed. After spending about a half an hour hunting for ds' sneaker and yelling at him to help me look, dd1 found it in a trice. She's my hero. Hunting for sneakers is the bane of my life, and leaves me tired like very little else. I think it has to do with the STRESS of the process. Right now typing is even hard and there's a good chance I'll skip my morning walk...or shorten it.

I feel so driven to loose these last twenty, and I don't fully comprehend WHY that is the case. It seems like a physical impossibility for them to linger forever, considering the disciplines I am engaging in and the lifestyle changes I have embraced. But we shall see. Swimsuit shopping did nothing to alleviate the stress of that desire.

So, what's on the menu for the summer? Lots of time at the pool, needless to say, and putting together a cassok for Fr. D (it's cut and waiting for me, calling my name and I am SO BAD about procrastinating.) Also spoke to the bride-du-jour yesterday and we agreed on a July 1 deadline for her wedding dress. Have fabric, have fabric for muslin, will sew...soon. But cassok first. Cassok first, cassok first. I've been procrastinating the cassok for months. Fr. D says not to hurry. But arg, I want the darned thing DONE!

I ordered a book and plan to put myself through some writing exercises either this summer or starting in August when school gets back in session, and I also plan on spending some time working on next year's sunday school plans with the SS coordinators. I'm looking forward to that.

So, already the summer is filling up before my very eyes. And hanging with the kids at the pool is of course essential to all our well-being. They've been fighting too much with each other lately, and I mean to curb that with excellent parenting, of course, but that takes so much energy. I'll just have to budget it, though. (Yes, I carefully budget my energy).

I'd hoped to invest in some math oriented computer software for the kids to do, so they can have that advantage next year. I still will try to make that happen. The teachers at their school are all so focused on the remedial kids, that I have to give an extra push here or there to even get mine put into the talent pool, etc, even though they are definitely academically advanced.

Oh, and regular trips to the library. That is also in the plan. And walking...I want to continue to walk. This might mean getting up at the crack and sneaking out the door before dh leaves for work. We shall see how good I am at that. Typically summer is a time when I slack on the exercise, but like I said, there's that extra LAST twenty pounds I want so desperately to loose.

Lots on my plate for summer. Last day of school is tomorrow.


macrina younger said…
Go Alana go! You can do it - it's only 20 pounds - you've lost more than that! I'm rootin' for ya!

And yes, write, write, write! Definitely write - even if it's only five minutes a day! If you get stuck on what to write, email me - it's Bev from St. Brigid's group and I can help out.

Keep walking - the pounds will come off (says she who has gained.)

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