Will I sleep in tomorrow or get up at the crack of dawn and let the kids sleep in while I enjoy a soon-to-be rare snatch of quiet?????

THAT is the question!

Last day of school and my kids cleaned UP at the awards ceremony. Yay! I"m so proud. Oh, my aching bones though...two awards ceremonies on horrid folding chairs...back to back. At least I got to work out all the kinks taking a nice long walk, though.

And I have not thought one single profound thought today.


Anonymous said…
Congrats to the kids.

Get the school to inaugurate an "I know where I left my sneakers" award and hopefully they'll clean up there as well ;-)
Mimi said…
Congratulations, mom! Yay!
VIctoria said…
Congratulations to everyone! I hope you all enjoy the summer.

But wow, kids get out a lot earlier than I used to; we went until, like, the 3rd wk of June.
Mimi said…
Like Victoria, our kids don't get out until June 21st.

Must be a West Coast thing.

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