Random things that I love

I love a big tub of laundry detergent, the way it smells, the way it speaks to me with simplicity: this you can do! Scoop me! Scoop me!

I love the littly bitty purple violets competing with the yellow dandelions all over our lawn. I don't consider them weeds. They are beautiful.

I love a freshly swept hard wood floor when the sun is shining through the windows.

I love new songs.

I love that first hug of the afternoon when my kids come bursting out of the school doors.

I love silence.

I love being the first person awake in the morning with no lights in the house but a few lit candles and the red glow of the "on" light on my coffee maker.

It goes without saying, I love coffee.

I love being out of doors, and walking under trees.

I love being in the woods. Must go soon. I don't live near any woods.

I love the anticipation of summer break that ripples through everything we do this time of year.

I love hanging out at the pool with my kids all summer. Neener neener, it's half a block away!

I love a clean dishrag and kitchen towels.

I love buying a new bottle of pretty much anything: lotion, shampoo, dish soap...new is nice.

I love hand-me-downs for the kids AND for me.

I love the fact that my "skinny" husband needs bigger pants....ha ha ha ha ha....and I need smaller ones.

I love windy days, especially if I can be outside.

I love watching the clouds when a storm is moving in.

Lasagna, don't forget lasagna.

I love sandals and skirts and t-shirts on glorious sunny days.

I love teapots and lace and things with pink roses on them.

I love cheap perfume. (I love the expensive stuff too, but have never had any).

I love babies, and toddlers who need to be held.

I love big kids that can be shoo'd outside and forced to do menial housework.

...coming tomorrow...things I hate...;-)


Carmen said…
Hey, I need smaller pants, and my dh needs bigger ones too!
Jasmine said…
Hey, only a day long gap to let the good stuff soak in?? Come on, let me enjoy the moment. I forgot about most all of those wonderful things, apparently.
Laura said…

Thank you.

(I looked longingly at the large expanses of trees we drove by on our way to and from the AWE retreat in the PA mountains. You'll have to come up next year!)
Mimi said…
Great list! Yum, coffee. I need to refresh my cup now.

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