Saturday, April 22, 2006

Peanut Allergy?

...developed in mid-life?

Yesterday I ate some peanuts. Just peanuts, and my mouth got itchy. Then my soft palate swelled up. Then I started vomiting. So very NOT GOOD! Took some benadryl. Checked myself for hives. No hives, but my shoulders looked like I'd been out in the sun.

Grateful I did not go into anaphylactic shock or that my breathing was not compromised. Just enough swelling to make me want to cough a bit.

But it was scary. I guess I just ate my last peanut!

I need to learm more about peanut allergies. Now I"m afraid to eat in a chinese restaurant, or eat Atkins bars that have been manufactured in a plant that uses peanuts, etc.

What to do? What to do?


Laura said...

Go see an allergist! If you've developed this, what else might you have developed?

You remain in our prayer!

Barbara said...

Hi, my name is Barbara Reilley, and, like you, have food allergies. I've been blessed with random good counsel, and would like to pass this on to you - Vitamin C, bioflavanoids, combined with quercitin, taken on a daily basis, fortifies the body in the event of accidental ingestion, to prevent the onslaught of 7-10 days' worth of brain swelling, foggy thinking, moodiness and loose bowels and/or constipation. I've been allergic to different foods for many years, and have tried benadryl (which impairs driving and causes drowsiness) dexamethasone (which is a steroid - not good), and accupuncture (by appt. - not immediate, but lessens symptoms). But the best advice was quercitin, added to vitmin c (buffered with bioflavanoids) - and after almost a year's worth of trial and error, have discovered something that has worked for me, my family and friends for over 8 months. It's readily available at Great Earth Vitamin Stores, and some local pharmacies also carry/order it as well - Super C-Complex-500 regular strength, Timed Release. I take one a.m., and p.m., and during an allergy episode, take two 3x per day during the 10 days. It lessens swelling, stops stuffiness and headaches. The important thing about quercitin is that it works with bioflavanoids, and quercitin needs to be built up in the body to work effectively. So taking it regularly gives your body the storehouses that it needs. Hope it works for you. Bless you, Barbara

Ian said...

Prayers, Alana.

Philippa said...

Alana, you need to see a doctor and start reading up on peanut allergies. My girlfriend's children were allergic to peanuts and she had to be so very careful with not only what they ate but even needing to go so far as to check where products were made because some machinery produces peanut products before making other products. The residual oil could cause an allergic reaction.

Also you must be careful of those who have eaten peanuts/products and kiss you. Even that has the potential to cause a reaction.

I will contact my girlfriend to see what references she recommends.

Lord have mercy! Like there's not enough for you to think about, now this. Lord have mercy!

Sheppard Salter said...

Afternoon Alana,

my name is Sheppard Salter. I'm a recent convert to Orthodoxy. Found your blog from Southern Orthodoxy ( Fr. Honeycutt).

I have a blog as well-

Sorry to read about the allergic reaction to peanuts.

My family is vegitarian, we grow our own food from our veg. garden in our back yard. Almost always allergies come from a 'dirty colon'. By that I mean the colon needs cleansing al least once a year, regardless what you eat. Plaque builds up and prevents basic nutrients from entering our system as God designed (sp?). Any good colon clean from a good helath store will help eliminate allergies. Also, if you switch to a mostly (90%) vegitarian diet and eat healthy grass fed, organic rasied)meat only occationally, many health problems will dissappear.

Write when you can-

Mimi said...

Yikes! I have another blogging friend who just went through this same thing.


Philippa said...

Alana, I sent an email to my friend whose daughter's had the peanut allergy. Here is what she recommended. I've put the email in its entirety here in quotes. Hope it helps. -Philippa-

" and
The food allergy one is the official site of the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), which your friend will probably want to become a member of. As we discussed, I'm not a fan of research, so the enormity of this site was never a problem for me, but please warn your friend that if she really starts to dig in here, she could get really overwhelmed and maybe even really scared. I would encourage her to find what's relevant to her and step away."

daniel said...

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