Nothing's changed in 20 years!

The Prophet of Doom sayeth:

In these last days, thine martyrdom will involve roller skates, and loud music, five hundred children, flashing lights and a very slick floor. When this occurs, thine end is nigh.
Lo, when the rollerdrome giveth coupons unto free admission during spring break to all the children, and lo, all the children in the counties surrounding, thou shalt know, thine end is nigh.
Lo, when thou and thy children art witnesses unto fighting in the parking lot, when thou seest blood shed and hair pulled out and lying upon the ground, when even sisters cannot live in peace, then thou shalt know, thine end is nigh.
Lo, in these last days, thine martyrdom will not be a martydom of blood, but a martyrdom of muscle pain and blisters, of crushed eardrums and overwhelemd children, a martyrdom of the hokey pokey, YMCA, Thriller and Stayin' Alive. When thou seest all, hearest all, and feelest all, then know that thine end is nigh...nigh unto the floor, that is.

(Actually, I did not fall!)


Mimi said…
Isn't it amazing they have the same playlist as they had when we were young ones?

I am not athletic, but I CAN skate, it's my one athletic ability.
alana said…
I can go forward, and I used to be able to cross one leg over the other to go around a corner, but my legs are too...ahem...fat now, I guess. Working on that, thought...working on it!
Askinstoo said…
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james said…
I should call you up some time around 3 a.m. and sing, Thriller! Thriller night!"
Philippa said…

I can't rollerskate to save my life. I can ice skate though. Go figure.
noelle said…
We had a mother-son skate party for the school last week. I was the only mama who did fall...and I tried to blame it on my poor clumsy first-grader! LOL

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