Fasting When You Cannot Fast

Today marks the ending of the Dormitian Fast on the new calendar and the beginning of the Dormitian Fast for those on the old calendar. 

Every time a fast approaches, I think: This time I will try and it will be better....

and it never is.

I am too sick to fast. 

And my children,with autism, sensory processing disorder and hypglycemia are too sick to fast. 

And my husband who is fighting cancer and recovering from chemo therapy is also too sick to fast. 

Even with meat on the menu, our collective energy levels are so low that two birthdays in one week derail us and we don't quite get the birthday shopping done in time.

The grass has gotten mowed ONCE this summer. 

We never do anything FUN because we are too sick and tired.  

Too sick to fast.  Also too sick to GO very fast. ( Yes, it's a pun. I had to.)

And it's difficult when all of one's faith community is doing one thing and one's own family is in a different rhythm:   But we are learning the OKness of that. 

So our challenge is to fast from self pity. and to fast with kindness towards one another, bearing each other's burdens.  Our fast is to say "Thy Will Be Done" and to sincerely mean it, when we pray.  Our fast is to pray for others who are suffering.  Our fast is to be sick and to still say "blessed be the Lord our God, henceforth and forevermore." in a world that despises the sick and the poor, in a world that tells us we are somehow "doing it wrong" if we are sick, and in a world that wants to sell us the delusion of control via the latest product or pill. 

Our fast is to trust God.   


Beautiful! I love this. I also cannot fast and I have struggles so much with this. But I am slowly learning there are so many other ways to fast that don't involve food. But I really like your idea to fast from self pity!!
elizabeth said…
If you do all the of these latter things, then your fasting is very deep. I am not in daily contact with you my dear long time blog friend, but you and all of your family are in our prayers and on our prayer list for others who pray too. God bless you all and send encouragement in these times of trial...
Selena said…
Amazing. Thank you.
Ma F. said…
Ah, your pun made my day!
May your fast be fruitful Alana.

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