Wes' Brain Tumor Update

Wes had an MRI on Monday, and today we learned the results.  For the first time since this process started, it feels like a bit of GOOD NEWS.  His tumor is the same size it was a month ago, and the swelling is down.  Since he is fully functional still, working, getting around, etc. the doctor just wants to keep things basically the same (reducing the steroids a bit to reduce side effects) and take another MRI in two months. 

I feel like I can breathe again.  After last month, I did not know if we would have a nice Pascha celebration, or if I'd be running back and forth between home and the hospital.  His neurosurgeon is still not keen on the idea of brain surgery, at least not yet, because Wes is still fully functional in his life.  The benefits don't yet outweigh the risks. 

Chemotherapy continues five days out of every 28 days, with increasing doses every month. 

Please keep praying for us.  Pray for the kids too....they are having a lot of anxiety about all of this. 

I'm very happy right now. 


elizabeth said…
glad for this news; we pray for you ALL daily. much love, hugs and assurance of prayers for you and Wes and kids!
I am so happy to read this bit of news! Be assured of our continued prayers! Happy Pascha! :-)

Jessica Burkett said…
Glory to God!! You are in our daily prayers.
Elizabeth said…
Glory to God for ALL Things! Joyful prayers tonight and continued prayers for Wes' healing.
gemma said…
God is good and prayers are heard. Still praying. So glad the news is good.

Heather Meadows said…
That is wonderful news!
Selena said…
Great news!
Matushka Anna said…
This is SUCH wonderful news! I was praying for you all in front of the Kursk Root Icon this evening! :)
Nicole said…
So happy to read this. I hope you all have a wonderful Pascha!

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