An Eventful Day...

Yesterday was very eventful.  It was NOT the type of day I imagined when I was stretching and waking up as my alarm clock went off.

It started out normal enough:  I took Maia and Wes to work.

First detour:  I went to the beauty parlor to get a hair cut.  I came away with a wax, cut and COLOR.  And I ADORE how my hair looks now.  The stylist said that I was 15% gray....I'd been thinking of getting a box and doing it myself, but I have consistently had bad results doing that...the boxed color just slides off my gray hairs. 

So I got a new "do" and that took all morning long.  Sorry kids.  Bad mom.  They got their school work done independently, as usual.

Because the salon took for-freaking-ever, I had to run and pick a Maia a few minutes late, grab some lunch and eat it while driving to pick up Wes.  Yes, I AM that driver.  The one eating pie.  While driving.

So, long story short...Wes picked up and dropped off at Cancer center for his first radiation treatment.  Me, home resting for a few minutes because getting one's hair done is just so...strenuous.  La!

Finally Wes called me around 4 pm to be picked up.  On my way there, about 3/4 of a mile from our house, I was in a car accident.  Someone ran a red light, and crashed into the drivers side rear wheel area of my tired old minivan.  Took the wheel off.  I did a 180 in slow motion. 

That someone...could have been pie eating ME.  I could have done that.  A busy mom, fresh from Christmas shopping, rushing and worried to get to her kids' bus stop on time. 

So.  Totally. Could. Have. Been. Me. 

God bless her and be with her. 

Thanks be to God!!!!!!!!  THANKS BE TO GOD!!!!!  She hit the BACK of my car and not my door.

It hit me later how close I came to being very very seriously injured.  Or dead.  Thanks be to God, I was not.

So, the next few hours were spent standing in the cold, talking to the police, waiting for a tow truck, etc.

Poor Wes had to walk home from the cancer center.  2.1 miles to the accident site.  So, eventually he showed up and started calling insurance agents, and such.

I am way to dependent on him for that stuff.  Oh well.  I guess I still get to be.

The wheel is off my car, the axel, I think, might be broken.  (So says the tow truck man.)

Today will be the hassel of getting a rental, running errands that were supposed to be run yesterday evening, and starting to deal with the car insurance company of the person who hit me.  Fortunately I have a witness, and her story matches mine, and there is a police's all just stuff to do.  Stuff to do.

So, the question that has been on our minds of whether or not to replace this vehicle, and when, seems to have been answered for us.

And all I have is a slightly sore jaw, and the feeling that I experienced some torque.  If I need PT or a chiropractor, I will find one.  And the insurance company can pay for it.

I'm grateful for the friend who came a picked us up and took us home.  It was SO VERY COLD.  I'm grateful we were able to slip into the Goodwill store and warm up.  People are kind.  I'm grateful for our dear friends who loaned up their car for a day or two until we get a rental.  

All I see here is God's protection and provision, and I'm feeling extremely grateful.  God be glorified.  


elizabeth said…
Lord have mercy; Thank God you are OK... Praying for you and Wes and your kids daily, daily... lighting candles... sending my love...

PS: cute hair cut/colour :)
Unknown said…
Tabitha here. Alana, you guys amaze me! I called Chris to share your story and my astonishment at your beautiful spirit. His comment was, "Yep, they're pretty awesome." Your analysis is so spot on, and yet so different from what most people (myself included) would be likely to think in those circumstances. Praise God you are okay. Thank you for being who you are. You inspire me. And, yes, the hairdo looks great!
Matushka Anna said…
Lord have mercy! I'm so glad no one was seriously injured or killed!

(This sounds like an afterthought now, but really, your hair is adorable!)
Elizabeth said…
Glory to God for All Things!! I have BTDT with a destroyed car and no one hurt seriously. God is so good.

I know you are full of stress and heartbreak, but your faith is amazing. It is obvious God is walking with you and holding you up.

All your friends and LOTS of people you have never met are praying for and with you.

Love to you and prayers for you - always - even if you don't hear from me regularly.
Katharine said…
Alana, Through FB I have heard of your family and Wes's illness. Here is some information that I hope will lessen the side effects of his radiation and therefore make your lives a little easier. Thank God you were protected yesterday. Your blog is an inspiration. The Lord be with you always. -Katharine
Emily Walsh said…
Hi there Alana! I was reading up on few of your posts and had quick question about your blog. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance, thanks!

Emily Walsh said…
Hi there Alana! I was reading up on few of your posts and had quick question about your blog. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance, thanks!

Thank God you are safe! Prayers for you all.
Jayson Bass said…
Hi Alana! I'm glad you're not hurt. The whole thing could've been worse! I know you were driving carefully but you have to look out for some crazy people out there. Just because you're staying safe on your side of the road doesn't mean the other driver is too! I hope nothing like this happens to you again. Always take care!

Jayson Bass

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