A Dying Garden and Chilly Toes

Wes and I went out to the garden last Thursday evening to see if there were any more green beans to pick. We were met with a surprise: Some creatures (herd of deer most likely) had stripped all the leaves and beans off our green bean plants. Honestly, I was rejoicing. I've snapped enough green beans and canned enough green beans to keep me happy for a very long time.

We did gather in all the rest of the green tomatoes from an obviously dying tomato plant of the heirloom Cherokee Purple variety. I'm not enamored with that type of tomato, as they don't seem to ripen well. Additionally we got a huge bowl full of grape and cherry tomatoes picked.

I dug up all the rest of the carrot and beets, as the beet tops had been nibbled as well, and those were obviously done growing, too. We got a LOT more carrots than I expected...about half of a refrigerator crisper drawer full. So, that was a blessing. I feel like our fridge is just STUFFED right now with lots of good things to eat.

The garden, not just our plots, but everyone else's plots as well, is dying. It's the first week of September and it seems like we are a month ahead of schedule on this whole "fall" phenomenon. But that stands to reason, since spring arrived early this year as well.

I'm still getting used to our new house: domestic routines and all that. Additionally I'm dealing with a bit of a fibro flare right now. Felt sick and fat and ugly at Church this morning....sort of a Screwtape and Wormwood morning. But exacerbating all that was that I'd run out of one of my meds, and only had a half a dose this morning...so we snuck out as soon as we took communion today. Not something we usually do, but today, I was doing good to force myself to stay that long. Wes offered to take me home several times during liturgy.

It is lovely to have windows open today and to be getting fresh air into our house. I spent some time reading outside and the air is LOVELY. My toes are chilly. I like it that way.


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