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Better Than Store Bought Gluten Free Bread

So as not to impinge any particular brand of GF bread (the taste of which my family loves but not so much the price tag at six dollars per loaf), I did not cite the brand in the title of this blog post.

At any rate, I have started making GF bread for my family. The first batch was a bit dry and crumbly, and so I modified the recipe in more than one way. The results was a soft, springy and non-crumbly loaf. Everyone was happy.

This is enough dough to make two small (5.5x7.5inch) loaf pans plus four tuna cans...which is what I use to make GF hamburger buns. So you get two loaves of bread which are the same size as the six dollar store bought loaves plus four buns (which cost about six dollars for I THINK four, but maybe six...but I think it's actually four) that's eight teen dollars of bread products that I have made for much less than that.

I buy my GF flours at the local Asian market. I buy big bags of rice flour and big bags of potato starch (tapioca starch wo…

Food and Stuff

Last week when I went grocery shopping, something in my brain snapped. I have GOT to find a way to spend less on groceries. Now, everyone is complaining about high prices these days, and with a special needs diet-most of my family is Gluten Free, and two of us are grain free/dairy free, (unless it's pasta night and then I sometimes cave and have some gluten free pasta because spaghetti with meat sauce is, like, my FAVORITE food ever...but I digress)-food is even MORE expensive because we buy certain “speciality items” like gluten free flour and almond milk and way more cans of coconut milk each week than most americans buy in a decade.

And then there's all the kerfluffle about GMO's. I, for one, think they are most likely toxic and vile and very very bad for us. Interesting that it is the year that GMO's were introduced into the U.S. food supply that coincides precisely when my own health started taking a nose dive. I know causation cannot be proven by that, but…

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A Dying Garden and Chilly Toes

Wes and I went out to the garden last Thursday evening to see if there were any more green beans to pick. We were met with a surprise: Some creatures (herd of deer most likely) had stripped all the leaves and beans off our green bean plants. Honestly, I was rejoicing. I've snapped enough green beans and canned enough green beans to keep me happy for a very long time.

We did gather in all the rest of the green tomatoes from an obviously dying tomato plant of the heirloom Cherokee Purple variety. I'm not enamored with that type of tomato, as they don't seem to ripen well. Additionally we got a huge bowl full of grape and cherry tomatoes picked.

I dug up all the rest of the carrot and beets, as the beet tops had been nibbled as well, and those were obviously done growing, too. We got a LOT more carrots than I expected...about half of a refrigerator crisper drawer full. So, that was a blessing. I feel like our fridge is just STUFFED right now with lots of good thin…


He kissed me and thanked me for picking, snapping, washing and canning all those green beans (14 quarts today)

and said he owed me dinner. I said: "If you take me out to dinner it will more than cancel out any savings we might have gotten from this work I did." We laugh. "Well, I owe you something!" he says.

...and I remember all those evenings in June when he swung his mattock into the hard Kentucky clay, to break up the soil.

I remember how he hoed it, and raked it and then carefully planted the bean seeds while I watched from my chair, often too sick to get up and do anything to help.

And long summer evenings when we both knelt and pulled stinky bean beetle larvae off the leaves, and when we together bonded over spraying essential oils on our plants so that the bugs would not win.

I remember last winter all the evenings he spent reading up on gardening, and how it was HIS energy, passion and drive that got me out there in the dirt in the first place.

I reme…

September 1

Well, it's been a busy week for me. I was feeling ill on Monday and went to the clinic. Ended up with antibiotics for two infections I had going on. Tuesday saw me at the endodontist for a root canal...a RE-DO root canal on a tooth that had already been done. Please pray that my dental insurance comes through and covers most of it. It cost a thousand dollars. I need to learn to ask more questions in advance of medical procedures, because that price threw me for a loop. A was expecting a few hundred, not ten hundred, for a re-do. Lord have mercy.

The thing that has me stressed out these days is our need to get our oldest some services. Now that she's 18 she qualifies for stuff regardless of her dad's income level, as she counts as an adult with an income of zero. Finding help and being her advocate are things that are very very difficult for me to do...especially as I balance home responsibilities and home schooling everyone, as well. Stress makes my brain basica…