Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On Colors and Thrifty Ways of Being.

How things come together: I'm thinking of colors and where to put furniture in what room when we move this summer...and what we have and what I love. I have these two wonderfully comfortable, "shabby chic" at this point, leather chairs with half circle ottoman dark GREEN. Not my color of choice. But the chairs are here and they shall remain. I love baskets, lace curtains, wooden furniture like a cedar chest, piano, old dish cabinet, spinning wheel...old world country. So how do these green overstuffed leather chairs fit into that picture? Here's how:

I'm not planning on doing a sunflower theme, mind you. That's too 1990's and matchy matchy for my taste. But that pale yellow against the dark green and brown (I know the color of the wall and it fits!)...truly inspired. So now I know what accent colors to start thrift-collecting for my future "parlor". Feeling grateful today.

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Janelle thegeekywife said...

Pretty! I love sunflowers, but you are right; so much of that is dated.