Monday, January 23, 2012

Courtesy of Facebook

This blog post is sponsored in part by Facebook...which is currently down and not loading. He he he.

Seriously? Facebook is down? How will I get my George Takei nerdy funny pictures fix? How will I know what's happening in the wide wide world of Orthodoxy today? How will I ENDURE my morning without watching all my Facebook friends flinging political poopie pies at each other?

How will I be ABLE to endure the loneliness of simply being present here, in my own life, with my own kids and the responsibilities I have this day?

How can I be virtual? Auuuugh? No facebook?

Whatever did we do before FACEBOOK????

Ah yes, I remember...we blogged.

And before blogging, we had actual phone conversations with friends (hard to do for a home schooling or working mom, that's for sure).

And before that...I remember this thing called "people" that I used to hang out with. But that was when the kids were babies and toddlers and we had these phenomena called "play dates" and "La Leche League Meetings".

Now, don't get me wrong. I like facebook. I like blogging. I feel like I have a group of friends of people that I've never met cheering me on and participating in my life. How utterly narcissistic and selfish I sound. But in turn, I can go cheer others along, too.

I should blog more. And read blogs more. Blogging is special.

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