More Answers

Here it is: Autoimmune thyroid disease, causing fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, and caused by gluten/dairy intolerance/leaky gut.

Add to that some serious nutritional and hormonal deficiencies. And chronic Epstein-Barr.

Makes for one sick lady.

And now, I am armed with my Armour Thyroid, a bunch of nutri-ceutical supplements, and a gluten free/casein free diet.

In a few months (perhaps the new year), I might start counting those Weight Watcher points again. I feel like with the medications I might actually have a ghost of a chance at ACTUALLY losing some weight. What a loop-di-loop road to healing I am on!


Has said…
Is it like a venn diagram? Leaves you with a tiny section of foods that you're allowed to eat?

So glad to hear you have a diagnosis and a way forward!!!!
Saponaria said…
This sounds so much like my life. I have hypothyroidism but suspect it's autoimmune at this point. I'm on a waiting list to get back in to see my old thyroid dr. I've also had a reactivation or whatever of EBV ever since I got strep twice in a month last May. I've been a mess ever since. I always dealt with chronic fatigue since my teens. I did really good for a couple of years and then got knocked flat on my back again this spring. I'm on my 5th day of a juice fast right now and feeling so much better than I have in months. The chronic sinus problems and sore swollen throat have gotten drastically better as well. It really stinks to spend so much time always trying something to feel better to be able to function and do all the things we need to do as mothers.
Saponaria said…
I just wanted to say that while I almost never comment. I've read your blog off and on for years and really relate to so much of it.
Mimi said…
That isn't a fun diagnosis, but I am so thankful that you are finding answers that are helping.
Continued prayers, as always.
Xen Xen said…
I don't know how long you have been suffering, but I feel for you. It can take from 6-10 years in conventional medicine for people to link anything through diet to health issues, particularly if you have to be off of gluten, because only a small percentage of people who have a problem actually have the classic stomach/gut discomfort, or pain. I am glad someone who has given you hope and answers. I wish you well on this journey and hope you have not sustained any permanent damage. We are VERY familiar with these in our house, as we have spent the past 3.5 years becoming experts, through experience all things related, so feel free to contact me for anything, even if you just want some moral support.

All the best to you as you begin this portion of your journey.
Ruth Bibeau said…
That's awesome! Hope you start feeling better.

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