Maybe some Answers?

Last week I had that appointment with the Nurse Practitioner who came highly recommended by a good friend of mine. She listened, we talked. She gave me lots of questionaires to fill out, about different body systems. She asked questions and found things I did not even consider important or worth reporting on. She was thorough.

And I'll see her again for follow up and bloodwork results in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, she wanted me to do one thing: Go on a gluten free/casein free diet. Because, she said, I have all the symptoms of "leaky gut", and gut health is the bedrock of one's health. That...and there's lots of other things wrong that will get ferreted out. But for now, GFCF and we'll wait on the blood test results for seeing how messed up my hormones are.

Ok...I can do that. I assured her I was familiar with GFCF, having cooked for my daughter who tried that way of eating once before.

So, on week ago was my first full day of GFCF and I've been on it ever since.

Day 1: my pain levels were greatly reduced. I was amazed.
Day2: I had a bit more energy. Still less pain.

...and so on. I'm a week in and it is AMAZING. I've been reading everything I can about gluten intolerance and celiac disease. And my horrible muscle burning and pain and aches are GONE.

Of course, it's not a diagnosis, it's a food challenge. But I'll have to think about whether I need to pursue on official celiac diagnosis or if I can just stay away from gluten for the rest of forever and call it good. I'll talk more about that w/ my care provider at my next checkup.

But all that to say: I'm feeling BETTER and from a quarter I never would have DREAMED of pursuing. Who would have thought???? I always ignored my gut symptoms because they were so far in the background compared to everything else going on, that I never guessed it could be a big key in my health. I'm still wondering if it's for real, or if it is all a coincidence, the "normal" waxing and waning of fibromyalgia and or mono flare ups. Time will tell, I guess.

Silent celiac can cause fibromyalgia and it can cause low thyroid. And it can cause an itchy rash which might explain a certain intermittent symptom I've had and ignored since I was 18 or 19 years old! ...among other things. More information to come, for me, in the future.

But I'm oh, so grateful that I'm feeling better than I have in a long time. And for the record...Gluten free /casein free pizza is not yummy enough to bother making.


I'm happy you are feeling better!
Matushka Anna said…
That's marvellous!!! I'm so glad you're feeling better!
Rebecca said…
It makes me so happy to hear that you are getting some relief! I hope it works long term for you!
mamajuliana said…
So glad to here your feeling better, too. As for the gluten free pizza...keep trying! We've been cooking/baking GF for almost 9 years now and I only get my GF crust 'right' every now and then! It is the 'fake' cheese that disappoints us :o(
Our son is dairy intolerant also...

Don't even bother with those prefab ones...yuck! Plus they are so expensive!
elizabeth said…
so glad for you. praying that this can work in the long term for you. I know going off gluten really (and most dairy other than goat dairy) really helped one of my friends physically and emotionally.
Alana said…
Thanks for the tip on the prefab crusts. I'm not very big on prefab stuff but might have been tempted by it at some point. They ARE expensive.
Athanasia said…
Did you get a chance to check out the blog I left in your comment box on FB? Priscilla's entire family struggles with celiac disease and she has tons of reference links to places that sell totally safe food. If you need it again, let me know and I'll dig it up.
Mimi said…
I am so very excited for you! What a blessing indeed.
Anonymous said…
I have been on a search for an answer for my own physical problems lately. I have been reading some of your back posts and I have seen that some of your pain is only on one side and you mentioned clumsiness and dragging your feet at times. Have you done some research and/or have you been tested for MS (Multiple Sclerosis)? From what I have read so far, it also causes pain and debilitating fatigue. I just wanted to throw that one 'out there' in case you haven't explored it yet. I know how frustrating it is having so many nebulous 'symptoms'. Anyway, I will be praying for you. - Kara
Alana said…
Thank you, Kara. I've not explored it yet, but the niggle has been there in the back of my mind, wondering about MS.

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